Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weekly Intention - Faith

Thanks to Andrea at ABC Creativity for the reminder of setting a weekly intention to help guide me on the path towards my best life.

This week, the old standard of "keeping the faith" is reminding me that I don't need to be in control of every thing in my life and that letting go is sometimes the very best choice for me to make.  Just trust in God and the Universe that my best life will unfold as I make the "right" decisions to move forward.

It's very hard for me to let go and to trust as I have had so many people control my life--from childhood into adulthood--that I have huge boundaries where I can control my life.

Of course, I know that the amount of control I feel I need to have over my life is over the top so I continue to work at keeping faith and trusting that life is unfolding as it should.

In a lot of ways, my control has actually limited my life as fear makes too many of my decisions.

There is a lot going on at work lately which has caused me to have a lot of stress and feel out of control.  This has been going on for the last few months and it is really affecting my health.  If I could let go, trust, and have faith, then perhaps I could be living my best life with more of a sense of security than I am.  I could let go of limiting behaviors and beliefs and open my heart and mind to possibilities that I can't even think of.

I heard something this weekend that struck a cord in me.  It's simple but really made me think...

Change is growth.  - Jamie SalĂ©

Thanks and have a great week!



  1. i can see you are doing some really deep work here ceanne. and i am seeing some amazing outcomes for you at the end of it!

  2. Thank you Andrea - your faith in me helps me more than you know! You keep me inspired!


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