Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wishcast Wednesday - August 4, 2010

Jamie Ridler's Wishcast question this week is - What do you wish for your creativity?

As usual, Jamie has asked a perfect question that turns me inward to think about what I'm doing with my life and where I wish to be...

Ahhh!  Creativity...I just love that word!   Sometimes I feel strong enough in my confidence around my creativity to actually feel like an artist--yes, I said the "a" word.

But because of the life I live, by day an office worker--which I also love--and by night a creative person, I often feel not deserving of the word "artist".

I guess there is some part of me who believes if I lived in some downtown loft with cement walls and surrounded by colors, living a "bohemian" lifestyle, my hair in dreadlocks, wearing overalls.  I know I'm being silly now, but there's also a part of me who would LOVE to be living that lifestyle too.

But...I know that I need the schedule of my office job, the ability to shuffle paper, the opportunity to be of service to those in my workplace who benefit by the work that I do to make their jobs easier.  I also, however, need the freedom to be creative in my home time.

I also feel I need to live in suburbia--where I am most comfortable--being closer to nature, having a large yard to garden in, visit neighbors over the fence, feeling a measure of safety, etc. finally answer the question, what do I wish for my creativity?

  • I wish for the continued freedom to be able to create what I wish--and to have multiple projects on the go.

  • I wish for the confidence every day to call myself an artist.

  • I wish for the confidence to start selling the items I create on a regular basis.

  • I wish to find my creative niche for selling--I have so many varied creative interests, mediums, etc.

  • I wish to have my global recognition for my creations.

  • I wish...
What do you wish...


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