Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Discovery Journal Prompt - Discover Yourself

This week's Discover Yourself prompt is:

Did you go to your high school prom?  Why or why not?  Any special memories?

I actually didn't attend my high school prom.  I graduated in 1983 (Yes, 27! years ago!) and, at the time, I spent all of my time with my high school sweetheart who was two years older than me.  And we had gone to his prom in 1981.  Below is a picture of me before he picked me up for his prom.  Can you believe this???  It sure takes me back...

And here's my "cap and gown" picture from 1983...

When I graduated, I was very proud of myself, as I had some emotional struggles in grade 11 was not able to attend school.  I took correspondence courses to keep up with my graduating class, however and made it back to my high school in the last semester of grade 12 and graduated with the rest of the students I had started school with in elementary school 11 years before. 

Nice to remember these "simpler" times...




  1. oh my goodness... memory lane or what!!.. thanks for sharing CB..
    love lee

  2. Yes it always is nice to remember "simpler" times..



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