Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well??? (from April 17, 2009 Weebly)

So...accountability may be harder than I first thought?!

I had huge hopes of logging into here every day and being accountable for the things I was accomplishing. Unfortunately, what I get to do today is log on to write about the things I didn't finish yesterday.

With all good intentions, I turned on the TV when I was having my breakdfst and next thing I knew it was late in the afternoon and the only thing I had accomplished was working on one of my craft projects. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, except that I had about 12 things on my "to do" list for yesterday.

No good excuses, just thoughts. I guess I was disappointed when I woke up because I had expected the sun to be shining brightly and the temperature was supposed to be 20 degrees. When I woke up it was cloudy and the forcase called for more of the same and only getting to 15 or so. Not to complain, as we've had a tough winter and 15 is really a great temperature for us right now, but as I said I had expected a fabulous weather day.

I am easily affected by the weather and dreariness of days--those types of days always seem to send me to the couch or chair with a book, or watching the TV with very little energy or desie to do anything physical.

So, there's my reasoning.

What I need to realize is that it's only one day and I'm not on a timeclock that I need to punch in daily (especially on my holidays!) so if that's what I did, then "big deal", right? Except that I'm trying to find more motivation in my life to live my best life--and I kind of feel like I let myself down yesterday. And, to make matters worse, I stayed up til 4:00 am watching TV and playing games on my Eee computer!

My goals for today have changed slightly as my dog got into the mud this morning and tracked mud throughout the main floor of my house so I'll be sweeping, mopping, and vaccuming prior to doing anything else.

Oh well...

So, to start today off "properly" I'm going to set an intention:

Today I have energy as I complete my goals. As I check off each accomplishment I am grateful for the expeience. I have a wonderful life!


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