Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busyness?? (from Weebly may 6, 2009) I am again, six days since my last post. No good excuses other than being too busy and not feeling well.

It's been a good busy when I was busy and a quiet not feeling well--which is not bad at all. I'm taking a "Creating a Healing Consciousness" at my church and had the second class last night. I'm really enjoying getting to know some new people in the class--I've been taking classes over the past two years or so and mostly with the same people (who are also great!)--but it's wonderful to meet new people.

We have two reverands at our church and most of the classes that I've taken have been from the minister we've had the longest. A new minister (new to us) joined last fall and I've taken a few classes from her. I really enjoy her teaching style and the way the conversations go in the classes. So, last night was very enjoyable for me.

The classes are reminders for me to do the "mental" work needed with this journey to my best life. To "deny" the negatives and affirm my perfect life.

Caio for now.


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